How to link your garden design with your interior design

One of the hottest tickets on the interior design calender is Decorex. Running for 4 days during the London Design Festival it is an opportnity to experience cutting edge interior design and see what the latest trends and materials are for the ultimate on trend pad.

I always profess how your garden is an extension of your living space, and extra room, and should be treated as the same way as any creative interior design process. With so many of us reordering our living spaces to include bifold doors and large open plan living it is crucial your garden recieves the same billing as your inside space as you spend more time interacting with the view from the window.

Here are some things to consider:


Which colour to choose. It makes all the difference
Which colour to choose. It makes all the difference

Just so key in every design decision you make. It sets the atmosphere, mood and tone of the space. It is the easiest and most obvoius way to link your spaces. Paint a boundary panel the same colour, so it seamlessly flows along the vertical line. If you have used an accent colour in your interior design, pick it up outside with pots, plants or scatter cushions. Keep the tones and hues similar to create a cohesive unified look.

Stick with your Style

Garden styles
Keep your style up. Match outside with inside

Seems obvious but often doesn’t happen. If you have a modern interior don’t be tempted to switch direction when it comes to the exterior. It rarely works. Stick to the plan. If you need to add influences to suit your desires keep the simple and subtle. A small area of Moroccan tiling wont look too out of place if used in a small amount and maybe includes some of the colourway from the interior.


Using the same flooring inside and out creates flow
Using the same flooring inside and out creates flow

It may seem really obvious, but if you can, it is Worth using a matching flooring, from the inside to the outside. This could be anything from a slate or porcelain tile, to polished concrete. This will really help unite the spaces, particularly if you have a set of bifold doors, and the floor level can be the same height. Well worth considering at the outset and including that in your brief to your architect or builder. We are big fans of porcelain tiles, they come in so many colours and effects that you have so much to choose from.


Good lighting doubles the enjoyment of your garden
Good lighting doubles the enjoyment of your garden

Always remember, that you will spend more time interacting with your garden from the inside, then the outside. Your view from your bifold doors is the most important view in your life, so it’s important that you can get the most out of it at all times and days throughout the year. Get a good lighting design installed. Light trees, highlight hard landscaping detail, Don’t forget, you can have two different states, once looking at the garden, and one for being in the garden.

Element of Surprise

A kooky element to your exterior makes for a fun element to your outside space
A kooky element to your exterior makes for a fun element to your outside space

Put something in your garden that would ordinarily be an interior feature. Think about putting a fireplace outside, or a bath tub. It is playful and whimsical, and will really make the space feel like an extension of your home.


Pack your interior with on trend botanicals
Pack your interior with on trend botanicals

This years must have Home accessory. Houseplants of always created a wonderful homely feel in the garden, but if you don’t have any, now is the time to revisit them. Place in a different size pots in groups of three or more. Mix up the leaf shape, colour and texture for added variety and interest. Botanicals up bang on trend and I’ve definitely a box ticker for bringing the outside indoors


Seems obvious, but try hanging a large mirror on the wall facing your garden, so that you have the reflection of the garden as the backdrop for your interior space. It will also bounce light around, and create infinity. Thereby making your space seem larger, and definitely putting an exterior spin on your interior.

Recreate the look

Add botanically inspired prints and patterns
Add botanically inspired prints and patterns

If you have the opportunity to use pattern in your wallpaper or curtains, go for something to botanical. Link the garden quite literally with plants and flowers. Even if you do a fabric panel, accent cushions or a Belgian it will help make reference to what is happening beyond the patio doors. It really will give the feeling of bringing the outside indoors

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