Garden design hotline #16: A Notting Hill garden with Moroccan flavour

Katrina was contacted by a client who wanted a Notting Hill garden design. They had a ground floor flat just off Portobello Road, but wanted to create an urban sanctuary for them to enjoy. However, there was a catch – access was extremely difficult. But Earth Designs has overcome this problem before and knew we could again. They also had a dog, which they wanted to make provision for in the final design. Well, us Brits are a nation of pet lovers, after all.

Notting Hill Garden design
The Notting Hill garden design

Low-maintenance Notting Hill garden

Both the clients travelled frequently for work and were away for six months of the year, so the garden needed to be super low-maintenance. They wanted to have an area to relax in as well as an area for dining and entertaining. Also, storage would need to be incorporated into the final plans.

A Moroccan flavour

Travertine paving
An example of travertine paving. Photograph:
The clients spent a lot of time in north Africa, and wanted a Moroccan feel to the space. Katrina proposed a rug design inserted into travertine paving, to evoke Moroccan artistry. She also suggested a large timber bench, under which they could store things. To the left-hand side of this on the boundary wall, she designed a large Moroccan tiled panel (a similar design can be seen in this Earth Designs Moroccan garden). This would be visible from the lounge windows and create a huge burst of colour. A Moroccan water feature, so important in Moorish designs, takes centre stage towards the back of the garden. This would be placed next to a second patio area where a swinging lounge chair could be positioned.

Planting out the space

A large area of artificial lawn behind the bench planter and patio would fill the space and be low maintenance. It would also provide the much-needed exercise space for their dog. Planting would be a backbone of evergreen shrubs and ferns, with a trio of planters on the main patio bringing vibrant colours close to the house. These would contain a drought tolerant species such as phormium.

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